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>> announcer: and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 at 11:00. >> tonight, at 11:00, president obama back in d.c. after his reelection victory.
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the campaign is over, but the race to repair the economy still lies ahead. >> but, first, a one-two punch from mother nature. snow and wind hammer the northeast just nine days after super-storm sandy devastated the region. another storm slams the northeast, this one won't pack the same punch as that last one. >> it is impacting the area still reeling from sandy. looking live in waterbury, connecticut, at least six inches of snow. it's making a mess of the roads there. jay grey with a similar scene in new jersey. >> reporter: ten days after sandy and the sea is raging again. high winds and heavy rains are battering the northeast already. flood watt others are rising. >> it's very sad. it's very sad to see it's getting pounded again. >> reporter: and this time, there's also snow. >> i don't believe it's like snowing here. >> reporter: a thick blank et
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covering roadways and cancelling flights and now settling over the debris that sandy left behind adding to the misery that so many have been forced to deal with here. the conditions are crippling with clean-up and recovery. >> i could see us actually moving backwards and people who have gotten power losing power again. >> hundreds of thousands struggling without power and struggling to keep warm. >> cold. very cold. you sleep at night with blankets and socks and everything else on. >> repter: tonight, this vicious nor ooe'easter is pushi even harder. >> the high winds will make it feel like it's in the mid 20s. >> that's why power crews continue their work where they can understanding just how desperate they've become. >> the heat is the big concern. we are gold.
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oh, my goodness. >> reporter: a light that so many families are looking for after more than a week of devastation and darkness. jay grey, nbc news, trenton, new jersey. >> our area is missing the brunt of this storm, storm chief 4 meteorologist is out on our weather deck to let us know what weather conditions are like. hi, doug? >> reporter: yes, doreen, especially in some parts of the area getting down below that freezing mark. take a look at storm team 4 radar. you can see where this one is. mostly from the i-95 corridor to the east. we're talking about the metro area in through prince george's county. notice the area of yellow. that's not heavier rain. that's actually sleet being picked up by the radar. we have had reports of sleep at the radar down towards pentagon city. the bulk is up from philadelphia all the way towards new york
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city. not good for driving there. for us, take a look at the temperatures. 41 in the airport, that windchi windchill, 35 degrees. very cold out here right now. we are seeing light rain n northwest d.c. about a half hour ago. it was also coming down to pretty heavy sleet. your complete forecast coming up in just a minute. >> thanks, doug. >> the governor of new york fired his emergency management director. he apparently diverted crews to remove a tree that had fallen on his driveway in long island last week. this happened shortly after the storm ravaged new york city and crews were responding to thousands of calls all over the place. according to a state official, he wasn't even at home at the time. he was in albany, new york. >> president obama and his family are back at the white house tonight after that re-election vote last night. the obamas were all smiles as
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they stepped off air force one. before leaving chicago, the president stopped at his campaign head kwauquarters to w with republicans in congress. >> you e lelected us to focus o your jobs, not ours. and in the coming weeks and months, i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together. >> another historic moment for the president. this picture was posted on his facebook page last night. it is now the most-liked picture in facebook history with nearly 4 million fans. >> we are 10 1/2 weeks away from inauguration. the stage is being built on the steps of the capital. officials expect up to 800,000
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riders on inauguration day. >> wlahat happens when the messages cross the line? some people could wind up with fewer friends on facebook. >> to friend or unfriend, that is the question. a mere 24 hours after the president won a second term. tempers flared, so did the racist remarks on twitter. but on facebook, it's the war of the rants prefaced by comments like if it offends you, remove me. or block me while you still have freedom. but would you dare unfriend? >> i'm probably more of a huge facebook user than i should be. >> at tourist in adams morgan, there's a few dozen people like torey who decided to take the high road -- or rather the unseen one. >> it's a social media pc to unsubscribe rather than defriend. >> i would say so because nobody knows if you unsub skriek.
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defending is a pretty serious offense. >> trying to be considerate of others? some people are just blocking or unfriending people so they can be more free with their posts as far as the election is concerned. >> we put out the question on our nbc washington facebook page. and, no, there's still no dislike button. this viewer says she made a facebook friends list of those who shared her same political opinion. while amy spsz domionos said i was raised to respect people's opinion. so i find no need. but if you wake up tomorrow with a few less friends, you may want to check your last post. er ericashl ericashlgsa gonzalez, news 4. >> his victory over george allen came to a strong showing. but, tontd, officials are trying to figure out how to fix voting issues that had some people waiting in line for hours to
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cast their ballot. even the governor had to wait. i stood 1:15 in line in the precinct. i made a lot of new friends. i learned about virginia stab standing in that line. but overall, that wasn't an obstacle because we were favored with pretty good weather. >> virginia saw 78 percent voter turnout. >> in america, same-sex couples are looking ahead to marriage. they celebrated at a party last night. maine and washington state also approved gay marriages. the maryland law does include protection for people who are opposed to same-sex unions. churches and ministers are not required to perform those ceremonies. >> blackjack and roulette are coming to maryland casinos. question 7 passed last night.
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that measure paves the way for a new casino in prince george's county. the initiative was the most expensive in state history. both sides spent nearly $90 million on political advertising. maryland officials now have to select a contractor for the new casino. it's set to open in 2016. >> question four won easily on the maryland ballot. the dream act allows undocumented students to pay in-state tuition at public colleges. stunts must attend a maryland high school for three years and they or their parents must prove that they filed state income taxes during that time. >> a student assaulted in an unexpected place. it happened as she was studying at a public library. jim rosenfield is in falls church with more on the alleged attack and how the 17-year-old got away, jim? >> reporter: the thomas jefferson library here on arlington boulevard is closed at
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this hour. but you can imagine the commotion when the screams of a teenager echoed through that hushed room. the usual library ruled to stay quiet was broken just before closing last night. screams coming from the ladiela room let police know something was wrong. >> within seconds, he followed her. so she yelled at him, you know, to get out and that sort of thing. and then he touched her and assaulted her. >> reporter: the girl kicked him as she screamed for help and he took off. >> very scary. and i'm very, very concerned about it. i'm really scared about it. sometimes i live my entire inside and come to the car outside. >> police describe the suspect as black with a medium complex,
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5'7"-5'10", 160-180 pounds with a shaved head, a diagonal on his teeth and khaki pants and carrying a brown or tan, soft, leather briefcase. >> library staff told detectives that they do recall this individual and they had seen him, but they're not aware of any incidents or assaults like this or any type of violent behavior. >> reporter: the teen is shaken up, but sle is okay. library officials say they're only cooperating with police. live in falls church, jim rosenfield, news 4. >> thanks, jim. coming up next, one community targeted twice in the matter of weeks. we report tonight who's left homeless in an apartment fire. >> snow and sand pile up in some of sandy's hardest-hit areas. >> the mayor of new york poking fun at an snl
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former congresswoman will ascend the sental tomorrow. in august, loftner pleaded glt to the mass shooting that killed six people and wounded three people. he agreed to a plea deal which faces life in prison. >> a community is on alert
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tonight after a ninth woman reported being assaulted. the woman says she was grabbed from behind off hibling avenue in springfield, last thursday. police now say that attack was the second crime by the same man that day. a half hour earlier, a woman walking less than a mile away also was groped. investigators believe the same man is responsible for all nine attacks over the last two months. >> tonight, the red cross has stepped in to help people left homeless by a fire. the second fire to hit this apartment complex in a matter of weeks. shomari stone is in odonton, maryland with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: bill surley is upset after a fire ripped through his apartment building, damaging his unit in the seven oaks neighborhood. >> you're comfortable, warm, dry and the next day, you're out of a house. >> reporter: the blaze damaged a dozen apartments this afternoon. tonight, 30 people can't live here anymore. some lost everything.
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bill bought some things at wall mart to get by. >> the essentials, you know, another pair of pants, a sweat shirt. >> reporter: right now, i'm on the other side of the yellow tape right here. take a look at all of this damage. fire fighters say it started right here in this section of the building and spread. they tried to battle the blaze from inside, but the smoke and the fire became so intense that they had to get out. >> it's the second fire at less than a month in this complex. around 200 yards away, an accidental fire destroyed these apartments. firefighters say both fires are not connected. the cause of this latest one is still under investigation. >> i'm hurting for everyone in there. >> reporter: while the red cross helps tenants with temporary food and housing, bill shafer is thankful nobody was hurt. >> kind of a nasty night out there. but i guess we should be grateful that we're not getting hit as hard as the folks in new york and new jersey. >> that's really the truth. coming after a hurricane like
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sandy, i'm hard-pressed to look back in history to find a snowstorm right on the heels of a hurricane. you just don't see that very often. but that's exactly what they're getti getting off to the north and east. i would not be surprised to see a few snow flakes mixed in here and there. i saw a couple of them a little bit earlier as that rain started to come down a little bit heavier. there it is on the radar picture. you can see where that rain is. mostly, from i-95 off to the east. and this is exactly where we told you this would be during the day yesterday. from i-95 around the beltway, in through southern maryland and portions of adorondo county. if you're driving around the beltway or you know somebody who is, they're probably seeing that sleet bouncing off the car right now. that's how you can tell if it's sleet and not freezing rain. over towards buoy, along clinton, right along 301, you'll continue to see that sleet.
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the biggest part of the storm is the snow and the wind which is right now through portions of new york, new jersey, philadelphia. boston now seeing the snow. one of the hardest-hit areas from sandy was long island, staten island and then down the jersey shore, they are getting hit again by not just the strong winds, but heavy snow on top of what they've seen from sandy. here's more on that story. >> reporter: hey, doug. this is something that we've ever seen before. none of us at the weather channel can remember a snowfall nine days after a hurricane hits an area. that's what's happening here in point pleasant, new jersey. one of the beaches ravaged by sandy a week ago monday. what i'm walking up here is not a big pile of snow that you would see in the winter. this is sand. now, this is a temporary dune they've built since yesterday. they took all the sand that sandy took inland, six, seven blocks inland and they trucked it out here.
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it left about three to four feet of sand left on ocean avenue. so they trucked out the sand and started building the dune yesterday ahead of this nor'easter. some areas in krtconnecticut ha had six to eight inches of snow. the weekend looks sunny and warmer for the over 200,000 customers in new jersey that lost power during sandy are still without power. and as of this evening, another 60,000 plus customers have lost power, some of them again, due to this storm. >> all right, thanks, mark seidel from the weather channel. 41 degrees at the airport right now, reporting a mixture of rain and sleet. windchill down to a 35 right now. that's the cold air. but notice most areas well above freezing. 39 in baltimore, 42 in annapo s annapolis. but 34 in aberdeen. we could see temperatures close to the freezing mark overnight tonight. so we really want to make sure
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you're safe tomorrow morning. give yourself a little bit of extra time. we could see a few slick roadwayings out there. and, of course, tune in to news 4 at 4:00 in the morning. we're going on half an hour earlier. snow and wind still across parts of the area but then moves out quickly tomorrow and in behind it comes sunshine, still rather cool. but, with sunshine. tomorrow is going to be a very nice day. it will be rather windy so you'll need the coats one more time. but put them away on friday. high pressure moves in and sits here for days. a lot of sunshine coming up over the next few days. but not tomorrow morning. rather dry, though, i think, but watch out for some of those slick roads especially before the sun comes up. 29-35 sdrg. tomorrow afternoon, clouds early but then sunshine. still cool, temperatures 50-55 degrees. but here's what we need to see. 60 on friday.
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67 on saturday. 70 on sunday and monday. so some greatwet ere. of course, this is veteran's day coming up. and what a great weekend to have some fantastic weather for that. >> coming up tonight, a d.c. man that can't handle it.
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breaking news in northeast d.c. tonight. a body has been found right near gallaudet university. that discovery was made around 9:00 tonight. there's no word on a cause of death. >> we turn our attention now to sports. here's cara. what are we looking at? >> there was a lot of shouting if you were listening at the sports office. >> there's always a lot of shouting. >> the wizard's game, second straight game versus the seltices. wizards looking for the first game of the season. they get a lot of "wows" but do they get that "w"? looking to wait, pick this up, under 20 seconds left to play.
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krisz singleton from the three-point line. with nine seconds to play, singleton big off the bench, 14 points. so the celtics scoring for the win on the next possession. but londo's three, yes, time is expiring, off the mark and we are headed to overtime. in the o.t., wiz down three with under 45 seconds to go. sing singleton, up for the shot. but boston's d too tough inside. rajon to brandon bass. this is what we like to call a dagger. celtics win 100-94. thank you for not looking that up on your twitter, doug. bradley biel, by the way, it's not enough as the wizards drop to 2 and 3. >> we've got to learn to, you know, play down the stretch for games. a lot of these guys have never been in a position like this
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before that we have out on the floor there. and, you know, it's a learning process. i mean, it's disapointing because we lost. but a lot of good things went on tonight. >> well, to harrison new jersey for a stormy showdown in the eastern conference. this is not soccer-playing weather. the league president there, he's leading the effort to clear the field. the fans doing their part. we think this is a stop-the-snow dance right here. but just like everything else, it didn't work. the game postponed as the snow continued to fall. they're going to try 7:30 tomorrow night. happy tea . happy tears flowing this morning. he joined maryland after being expelled from xavier this summer amid allegations of sexual assault. prosecutors later deemed that the case was unworthy of trial and never even pressed charges. this morning, the ncaa made the
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unprecedented ruling in his favor. >> it is emotional. there was a lot of people crying this morning. adults, just a lot of work and a lot of things that that kid went through. it's pretty emotional. we'll have to protect him today. >> he's going to be around a lot. they're going to try to protect him from the media today as he was emotional. but we're going to get to talk to him and see him on friday when the turks take on the national champions, kentucky wildcats. >> thrilled that the ncaa did the right thing. >> it's going to make a big good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee...
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honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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the updates on hurricane sandy by new york's mayor michael bloomburg are serious business, in fact. but, today, he gave a quick shout out to saturday night live and his sign language interpreter who was featured on a skit. >> i did want to bring -- did
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you see "saturday night live"? >> i did. >> thought so. >> here's with her dynamic interpreting. it's an internet sensation. here, now, is how "snl" paid tribute to her. >> we'd like to thank our city's first responders, the firemen, police officers, emergency medical technicians. i'd also like to thank my staff with a special thanks to my sign language translator lydia callous who brought some pizazz. >> "snl" also poked fun at new jersey's governor chris christy in the skit. that was a really funny one. what is that? they called hulu? that one is hilarious. >> it's a very funny skit.
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one more check on the weather? >> yeah, i athink tomorrow morning we should be okay. but just in case, we're going on at 4:00 for you. just to make sure that you know about any slick roads that are out there. it will not be raining tomorrow morning, i don't believe, but what we could see is some slick roadways out there from the rain that we've seen tonight. heads up for that. tomorrow afternoon, 50-55 degrees, clouds early and then some sunshine. and that sunshine will last us oun right through
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from the new movie "skyfall" daniel craig.

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